About Us

L.A. Group (Pty) is a diverse trading entity, holding interests in brand management, manufacturing, distribution, retail and a diverse investment and property portfolio. Since its inception 45 years ago as a retail operation, the Group has expanded its interests.

Since its listing in 1996, the Group has not only become a leader in the distribution of branded clothing and footwear products, but seized market opportunities to expand into brand management, branded apparel and corporate clothing.

The Group’s vision is to create value by promoting growth and expertise from local and global markets and to utilise these skills and resources not only for the benefit of shareholders, but also for the growth and upliftment of our society and country.

Group History

Our Value Add

  • A commitment to working together to maximise growth and profitability
  • A 45 year history and proven commercial track record
  • A strong balance sheet
  • Strong business development processes and commitment to good corporate governance and transparency
  • Experienced key players and stakeholders, with hands-on knowledge, skills, experience and contacts
  • Assisting management with strategic direction and input
  • Strong brand building and marketing experience
  • Wide retail distribution network and channels
  • Successful investments in the ICT sector
  • Operations in South Africa, Kenya, UK and UAE
  • Corporate social investment initiatives
  • International partners and global opportunities

Our Vision

  • Creating value by promoting expertise and growth
  • Utilising skills and resources not only for the benefit of shareholders, but also for the growth and benefit of our broad community and country
  • A Group strives in all its dealings to honour the principles of Integrity, Honesty, Professionalism and Respect, Democracy and Humanitarism